Sask. Chamber of Commerce says province has lost a lot with Goodale defeat in Monday’s election

The loss of Ralph Goodale in Ottawa is a big one.

That is the sentiment of Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce CEO Steve McLellan.

“It will hurt the province dramatically.” McLellan said.  “He delivered for Saskatchewan unlike anyone else in my forty years of political watching.  He was our warrior if you will in Ottawa.  Not having a Liberal MP from Saskatchewan at the cabinet table does hurt. Someone who will hopefully respect Saskatchewan’s interests.  Whoever it is won’t have the reputation or clout that Ralph had. Politics aside Saskatchewan owes him a debt of gratitude.”

As for the election result, McLellan acknowledges many in Saskatchewan are upset to see how Monday turned out, but he is trying to put a positive spin on everything saying he is hopeful the new government can bridge the gaps and create a more united Canada.  He goes on to say that if that can’t be done, perhaps both the Liberals and Conservatives need to find people who can get that accomplished.

In the meantime, he says they will work with the Trudeau Liberals and continue to advocate for things like the completion of the Trans-Mountain pipeline, agriculture and a Royal Commission on tax reform.

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