Amount of school-zone speeders in September tops 1400

SGI says if the numbers they are seeing on school-zone speeders in September were a report card, someone would be getting grounded.

Despite the fact there was a major public awareness campaign in the summer and that signs were clearly visible, many did not pay attention to the fact that the speed limit in a school zone is now 3o kilometers an hour and they paid for it with their chequebook

During September, SGI says 1,424 tickets were issued to drivers for speeding in school zones with another 13 given to drivers for not yielding to a pedestrian and four for either passing a school bus or not stopping five meters from a school bus when safety lights were in operation.

SGI spokesperson Tyler McMurchy says if these numbers were going on a report card, it would be marked with “much room for improvement”.

In addition to the numbers listed above, SGI says there were just over 900 distracted driving offences including 773 tickets related to cellphone use while driving, 286 impaired driving offences, 515 tickets related to seatbelts, car seats or booster seats and almost 6,500 tickets being handed out for speeding or aggressive driving which are not related to school zone speeders.

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