(Jamie) A Dangerous Mode Of Transportation

This morning on the way to work I saw something I see often during the winter and think is quite dangerous. A guy was riding his bike on Albert St.

I’ve never understood why someone would ride a bike on streets that are tough enough to navigate with two feet under you. I almost wiped out on my short walk to my vehicle this morning! This guy looked like he was one bad pedal push away from wiping out. At least he had a light on his handlebars!

Granted, there isn’t a lot of traffic at 3 A.M. and there isn’t a lot of snow, but it’s still a little slick out there for a car, let alone a bike.  All it takes is one icy patch to wipe out and end up beneath the wheels of a vehicle that didn’t have time to stop.

I guess there are some valid reasons for someone to be riding a bike, but considering the danger, I think I’d either walk or take the bus.

If you plan on hitting the road on your 10-speed during this or any other winter day, weigh your options first. Your first mistake could be your last.

And again, I’m starting to sound more like my dad everyday!

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