City Council shuts down motion to put in temporary parking lot at Taylor Field site

The old Taylor Field site will not become a temporary parking lot.

Monday night City Council defeated a motion put forward by Jerry Flegel 6-5.

That motion would have seen the former site of the stadium be used for parking until new infrastructure was built.

Mayor Michael Fougere said the original plan is still in place for the site.

“Taylor Field is part of the three areas of the revitalization imitative, the plan is for a 700 housing neighborhood. That’s the plan, and previous councils have also endorsed that,” Fougere said.

He also said just because the parking lot idea was shutdown, that does not mean there is not more ideas for a temporary use being considered.

“We know that where the rail ends just off Dewdney Avenue we’ve talked about a temporary animation of the site over a summer for example, and we’re looking and trying to find a way to do that so it’s not just vacant land, I think the same thing can still be said for Taylor Field,” Fougere said.



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