Is the snow here to stay? Environment Canada says it could be

Environment Canada won’t come right out and say the snow we have received is here to stay, but the days of seeing the ground white with snow could be with us for a while now

While temperatures will crawl above zero later this week, there will also be more snow which adds to around the three and a half centimeters Regina had received as of Monday afternoon.

Terri Lang with Environment Canada says it is tough to say how much more we will get at this time.

“It’s hard to say right now.” Lang said. “The system coming through Thursday could drop another two centimeters with some more coming on Sunday, but temperatures could be above zero so it will result in a mixture of rain and snow.”

Lang says just because we are seeing snow that is sticking around before November 1 doesn’t mean we are in for a long winter which for them technically begins just before Christmas.  She adds we could see some days in November where the temperature gets well above zero saying that is not uncommon in Saskatchewan.”

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