Moe wants a face-to-face meeting with Prime Minister Trudeau in Ottawa

Premier Scott Moe says there has been some back and forth between his office and the Prime Minister’s office about a sit-down in Ottawa between the two to discuss what’s next in the wake of the federal election result last week.

Moe is hearing the talk of western separatism in the wake of what happened and says this is the end result of what has gone on over the first four years of a Trudeau government,

He says talk is needed to start the process of unification and stop the talk of separation.

“My position is that Saskatchewan should be in a strong and united Canada,” Moe said Monday at the Legislature “We have to work with the prime minister of Canada to ensure Saskatchewan will be a strong and united partner within the nation. This conversation is in the prime minister’s hands.”

Moe says Trudeau and the federal government can show how serious they are about repairing the relationship with the West by eliminating the carbon tax and revamping the equalization formula.

Over the weekend, he spoke with his counterparts in Ontario and New Brunswick to tell them what they can do to support unification.

He added we will see how serious Trudeau is about patching up his relationship with Western Canada when we see what happens with the equalization formula and how much each province will get and whether or not the carbon tax remains.

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