(Jamie) One Of The Best Nights Of The Year To Be A Kid

Next to Christmas, tomorrow night is one of the best nights of the year to be a kid. I always loved Halloween and still do, although nowadays I take my pleasure as a candy distributor as opposed to a candy receiver.

When I was growing up Halloween was a full day affair that started off with getting dressed in your Halloween costume before going to school. Everybody dressed up and teachers would have candies in a bowl on their desks. Of course, you’d have to work for those. They weren’t freebies!

After school we’d get home, hang around watching the clock, and then eat supper in our costumes before heading out for a night of trick or treating. That costume never came off until it was time for bed.
Me and my friends would get together and roam for blocks and blocks and blocks getting all the candy we could. I even remember having to go home to empty whatever I was using to collect all of the goodies, which usually turned out to be a pillow case. Then it was back out again to fill up another pillow case.

Kids were everywhere. The streets were packed with ghouls and goblins. Nowadays, those ghouls and goblins are few and far between. Parents seem to travel the streets with their kids more and more, which definitely wasn’t the case when I was growing up. The streets were safe back then and our moms never worried about us running into any trouble along the way.

If tomorrow night stays true to form, I’ll probably hand out candy to about 30 kids. I just love handing out candy. I wish there were 200 kids coming to the door. There could never be too many for me!

I still love Halloween.

Bring on the kids!

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