(Jamie) Another Halloween Is In The Books

Well, our Halloween turnout was just as I had expected. We had about 30 Trick or Treaters come to the front door of the Lewis household last night. One boy actually came to house twice, apparently unhappy with what he was handed the first time around. The second time he came I handed him another generous helping of goodies before he reached into my bowl, grabbed a Snickers bar and said “I want that one!”

That kid either really loves his chocolate or the portions I was handing out weren’t big enough for him. Probably a little bit of both.

The day before Halloween I actually bought a couple of boxes of those small bags of Old Dutch potato chips to go along with the chocolate bars I was handing out. As it turns out, I really didn’t need all of the goodies I bought. With all of the leftovers it looks like I’ll be handing out candy to myself for the next week or so.

The advantages of buying way too much candy. Or would that be a disadvantage?

I’ll let you know how my tummy feels in a few days.

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