Signal your intentions, please

First and foremost I have to commend Regina drivers on a job well done during all this snow and ice we recently received. My experiences on the streets this week have been relatively positive thanks to drivers slowing down and giving themselves enough time to break on ice. However, numerous times this winter, and throughout the year, I’ve seen a lack of signaling daily. ALWAYS SIGNAL!

Earlier this week as I was cruising west bound on 1st Ave North a driver decided he didn’t need to use his signal light when turning left. It’s incredibly frustrating when you don’t know which direction a driver is going and it becomes a safety issue. Another example happened last night. A combination of blowing snow and sleet made for poor visibility Thursday evening especially in the wide open areas like Ring Road. As I was crossing the Winnipeg Street overpass the car ahead of me decided to do a right hand turn onto 7th Ave North without any interest in signalling whatsoever.

It doesn’t matter if you’re driving during the day, at night, or during times you think are “just quiet times” on the roads, always signal your intentions. It’s just common courtesy to other drivers, but more importantly, it’s meant for safety for everybody out there. I walk daily from my vehicle to the radio station and I hear the horn honks frequently at other drivers who refuse to use their signal lights when turning left or right. Don’t be that person who gets a shaking fist or horn honked them, always signal your intentions!

I feel better now that this is off my chest.

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