Surveying the Distrust of Canadians in the West

Western Canadians have severe doubt in the fairness of the Canadian electoral system.

That is the result of the annual survey from Proof Incorporated taken just after the federal election.

The results indicate only a third of westerners feel the system reflects the will of the voters and less than 30-percent trust public institutions.

Company CEO Bruce MacLellan believes the main cause of distrust is based on a struggling economy.

The former federal and provincial government staffer feels the survey’s results start with federal legislation believed responsible for impeding major project construction like pipelines which are crucial to the region’s resource based economy.

MacLellan also blames politicians. He says westerns are among Canadians weary of the attack style politics played during the election campaign and politicians should think about whether their rhetoric will promote or detract from public trust.

MacLellan is also critical of the reluctance of party leaders to directly answer difficult questions opting instead to avoid answering by repeating prepared statements.

The Proof Incorporated boss says anti Ottawa sentiment has been fanned by statements from the provincial governments in Alberta and Saskatchewan.


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