(Jamie) Well, That’s A Little Strange

Sometimes on the way to work in the morning I’ll see something that leaves me shaking my head. This morning was another one of those mornings.

I pulled up to the lights to cross 4th Ave. at Lewvan Drive. At the intersection, waiting to head south on Lewvan, there was an old suburban that had a bike that looked like it had been haphazardly tossed up on it’s roof. I looked closely, but couldn’t see anything strapping it down in place.

When the light turned green the suburban made it’s way down Lewvan at a snail’s pace. People could walk faster than this guy was going. As a matter of fact, there was a City of Regina gravel truck that was riding this guys bumper as far down as I could see, but the suburban driver wasn’t speeding up.

I’m guessing the bike wasn’t tied down and the driver was slowly moving along, just fast enough that his precious cargo wouldn’t slide off of his roof and crash to the pavement.

If I was a cop I would have been very interested to find out the story of why this guy was traveling at about 20 kms/hr down Lewvan Drive with a bike on his roof. He wouldn’t have been hard to catch!

Very strange indeed.



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