Plumcots: Have you tried them?

Remember just a few months ago when I was complaining that I couldn’t find any apricots in the stores? If you don’t recall, well, a few months ago I was complaining that I couldn’t find apricots in the stores! You’re up to speed now and I’m happy to say CKRM listeners steered me in the right direction and I was able to finally track them now.

Fast forward to this week now. While shopping I found something even better than plums and apricots! I found….wait for it….cue the announcing music…PLUMCOTS! Have you heard of these things? Just as the name suggests, they’re a combination of plums and apricots. Sometimes called pluets, but I think plumcots sound much better. Pluets sounds like something you should see the doctor about. Afterall, nobody wants to suffer from pluets.

I’ve never heard of this fruit before and let me tell you, I’m a fan! They had me at first bite because they are sweet, juicy, and all around delicious. Admittedly they’re more plum than apricot but you can tell there is definitely some apricot influence on the inside of this thing. I don’t know who decided it was a good idea to marry an apricot with a plum, but thank you. The plumcot, proving that opposites really do attract!

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