Future ‘Yards’ development discussed during open house at city hall

Regina’s downtown and Dewndey Avenue could look very different in just a matter of five years.

The city of Regina held an open house to show their plans for the Yards development, which is next on the list for the city’s revitalization projects.

City spokesperson Barry Lacey said the event was an opportunity for the public to review the plan and offer feedback.

“The plan really guides the redevelopment of that area into a unique and vibrant urban neighbourhood that will support a mixed use of residential, shopping and entertaining opportunities,” Lacey said. “The proposed plan is a result of a very extensive, maybe one of the most extensive, consultation processes in the city’s history.

“Really a neighbourhood that an individual can work in, can live in, but also play in so-to-speak, so a complete neighbourhood that is vibrant and unique,” Lacey added.

Lacey says one thing that could intrigue residents is the potential for a downtown arena within this neighbourhood.

“There’s no specific arena or entertainment type facility that’s identified in the plan, what the plan does, it does provide flexibility for an arena or some other type of entertainment facility to be built in the Yards neighbourhood.”

While actual construction may not begin for several years, remediation work could begin within the next year. It’s funded by $36 Million of investment from the federal, provincial and municipal governments announced last year.

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