20 Saskatchewan veterans to receive care packages to honour 100-year tradition

Provincial military liaison Greg Lawrence was on hand at Government House to deliver care packages to war veterans to mark 75 years since the battle of Normandy.

The delivery of care packages is a 100 year tradition for North Americans to support those who went to war, filling the care kits with snacks, stitchery, knitting, and even letters.

Lawrence said mental health has become an important topic when it comes to taking care of veterans.

“We’re doing a better job now than we used to, and times have certainly changed where we all want to make sure our soldiers and our veterans have the support that they need when they come home.”

Major Retired Brad Hrycyna said it shows veterans people still care about their bravery during war conflict.

“Anything that goes out to support our veterans is a great deal in my mind,” Hrycyna said. “They’re aging now, the Second Word War veterans, the Korean War veterans, it’s nice for them to see that they’re still remembered and appreciated for what they’ve done.”

Major Retired Hrycyna said often times, veterans felt overlooked by the public.

“It wasn’t until we were back into the war on terror that what soldiers did and their sacrifices truly came back to being recognized again,” Hrycyna said. “I know that for myself, I was serving at that time, and the first time that I had a young fellow come up to me and say ‘thank you for your service,’  it meant a great deal to me.”

Two community groups: the Regina Stitchery Guild and Understand US, put together 20 packages that will be distributed to veterans by the Royal Canadian Legion.

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