Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Radiothon funds will go towards new equipment

The Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Radiothon ends Thursday afternoon.

Money raised goes to providing equipment at the new facility which opened a couple of months ago.

Brynn Boback-Lane is the president and CEO of the Children’s Hospital Foundation.   She says it is so great to have the hospital now operating. “The amount of pride that I have and the people that work here have and the patients and families have is because of the Saskatchewan generosity, right from the heart.”

Brynn Boback-Lane says anyone can be affected by having a child go to hospital and if that happens, there is now a place in Saskatchewan to go. “I don’t know a person in my circle of friends that haven’t been touched by a family member or a neighbour or friends that haven’t had an incident where a child needs to go into a hospital, there’s been an accident or expecting moms are at risk.”

620 CKRM is getting reports of corporate donations and personal ones, including a young Estevan boy who made a big donation himself.

Gage Goetz was a high-risk pregnancy, delivered early by c-section and had multiple heart defects at birth.

He wanted to help and raised $30,000 for the radiothon and Saskatchewan Heart Kids. “I sold my steer and my choke and halter at a 4-H auction and also by Facebook donations and cash.”

The radiothon ends at 5:00pm Thursday.   Call 306-352-KIDS or click here to donate.

(With files from Mackenzie Read)

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