Education Minister announces new committee aimed at reducing classroom size

Class size and composition, it’s something both the opposition NDP and the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation have been hammering the government on, saying the quality of education that kids are getting now is being hindered.

The government is now taking steps which will hopefully alleviate the problem, as Education Minister Gord Wyant announced Wednesday that a committee on the issue is going to be formed with recommendations made hopefully  in place by the start of the new school year in September.

Wyant wants representation from parents on the committee, he said there is interest from many parents, but he won’t be the one who makes the decision as to what parents’ role is.

“I’ll leave this up to the ministry, there’s been a number of parents that have reached out to us since I announced this saying that they wanted to participate, and so I’ll leave that to the ministry to make some decisions as to who might be appropriate to who sits on the committee,” Wyant said. ” As I said we want it to be a fairly small committee so it doesn’t get bogged down in the process,” he added.

NDP Education Critic Carla Beck said she looks at the committee with a great deal of hesitancy and skepticism. She said this is an issue that simply can’t be ignored anymore, as the message is the same from border-to-border.

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