STF feels latest government committee just another way of sidestepping issues in the classroom

The Saskatchewan Teachers Federation is not pleased with the province’s announcement of another committee, this one aimed at reducing classroom size and composition.

President Patrick Maze said just looking at the layout of the nine person committee confirms that it lacks authority and public accountability.

The committee will consist of four government representatives, and only one teacher and parent.

“Right away when our members look at this terms of reference for this committee when you know that off the start of the nine representatives four are from government and only one is a teacher representative, right away it looks like it’s set up for failure,” Maze said.

Maze said this appears to be no different than past committees that they feel have done nothing.

“We’ve sat on those past committees we’ve put a lot of effort into some committees, for example the task force on teacher time, that ultimately we needed the collective bargaining agreement and an arbitrator just to implement it, for teachers in order to make sure that they have time in their day to focus solely on their students,” Maze said.

The current average classroom size in Regina is 25, the opposition NDP proposed capping classrooms at 24 students, Maze said that’s simply a good start and nothing more.


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