(Jamie) What a Terrific Two Days In Saskatoon

There’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed after a couple of nights away from home.

Evans and I arrived back in the Queen City yesterday after two very busy days in Saskatoon broadcasting from the Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital. What a wonderful facility, designed not only with kids at the forefront, but using suggestions from kids who’ve actually spent time in hospitals! Who would know better, right?

I’ve never seen a more patient friendly hospital. Nobody wants to spend time in a hospital, but there are ways to make those stays a little more comfortable, and this hospital nailed it. Not only is the hospital a soothing environment for the kids, but the physicians who work there are wonderful people and very passionate about serving the children. For lack of a better phrase, I was blown away by everything I saw.

17 years ago, Harvard Broadcasting was on board for the very first radiothon. There are a few of us here still who remember that first broadcast from the Northgate Mall. The broadcast location may have changed and the approach has evolved over the years, but the mission never changed. It was great to finally be in the hospital that so many have worked so hard for over the years.

This year more than a dozen radio stations from all over the province were broadcasting from the new hospital and over $750,000 was raised. That’s a lot of money for a 2 day radiothon!

I got a chance to see some old broadcast buddies and to meet some new ones. It was a wonderful experience.


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