City of Regina still seeking owed property taxes on Capital Pointe site

Around 10,000 hours over four months was required to backfill the Capital Pointe site on the corner of Albert Street and Victoria Avenue in downtown Regina.

In a release from the city, the project needed 25,568 cubic metres of dirt. Other tasks that were performed to complete the project included the restoration of sidewalks surrounding the property, covering the site with recycled asphalt millings to level out the ground and setting up a perimeter fence.

The total cost for the project was approximately $2 million, under budget from the estimated $3 million.

But now there is more work to be done for the city with a total of $2.3 million in outstanding payments by property owner Westgate Properties Ltd. The price tag includes the restoration costs plus missing property tax payments.

Deborah Bryden, director of the city’s assessment, taxation and utility billing department, said they will be following the normal processes for collecting those tax dollars.

“They’ve gotten a six month notice indicating our intention to proceed with tax enforcement,” she explained. “The property owners have received that notice along with anyone who has interest in that property.”

The outstanding taxes have given the city a headache since Westgate Properties have not paid their 2018 taxes, too. As a result, the city placed a 2019 property tax lien on the property, which could affect potential buyers since the lot is for sale.

“Property taxes belong with the property. So if somebody chooses to buy it, the property taxes would become a debt to them.”

The city stated in the release they are taking all steps possible to limit the risk to the taxpayer.

Since the property is still owned by Westgate Properties, they will be required to take care of the lot in the meantime.

Karen Gasmo, director of sustainable infrastructure with the city, said she can’t speculate as to whether they will keep up with the property’s maintenance.

“Maintenance could include clearing the sidewalks, cleaning up any weeds or debris that’s on the site, just keeping the site safe and clean.”

The 2019 property taxes for the Capital Pointe site are $44,000.

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