SGI offers advice on long weekend driving

It’s the Remembrance Day long weekend, and SGI is reminding motorists to make it a safe one.
In addition to matching your driving habits to meet conditions, SGI’s Tyler McMurchy says it’s important to see and be seen, by clearing ice and snow off your vehicle. “You don’t just want to clear off a little patch in front of you. You want to make sure your front, side and rear windshield are fully defrosted so you can see 360 degrees around you, you want to be aware of your surroundings, be able to shoulder check, be able to see people coming up behind you.”
McMurchy adds that here are more people out in the roads during a long weekend. “With that increased traffic comes and increased risk of collision. We do want people to remember that when they head out. They may also be dealing with some winter driving conditions.”
He also reminds motorists not to drive impaired or distracted, and to use seat belts and child restraints.

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