Lung Health Awareness Month declared in Saskatchewan

Vaping regulations in Saskatchewan were announced the same day Lung Health Awareness Month was proclaimed province-wide.

The awareness month aims to showcase the importance of protecting lungs, particularly from vaping, which at this time is still a rather unknown issue.

Former director for the Youth 4 Change movement Joseph Chiliak says vaping is a serious issue for schools, especially in grades 10 to 12.

“There is research that shows as many as one in five kids have vaped in high schools within the last 30 days,” he noted. “It is absolutely an epidemic with our youth, especially in this province.”

The Youth 4 Change group were involved in getting the province to consider the legislation.

Health minister Jim Reiter said the group, which has branches in Saskatoon, Piapot Cree Nation and the University of Regina, made a lasting impact on him. “They did good work there. It raises the issue to the forefront.”

The province now treats vaping like smoking, in that it restricts the purchase of vaping products to those 18 or older and will ban any advertising of vaping products in areas where youth are allowed.



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