(Jamie) A Couple Of Tuesday Morning Thoughts

I learned a few things from watching the CFL on Sunday. First off I learned that Edmonton and Winnipeg looked a lot better than I thought they were. Secondly, the Stampeders certainly didn’t look like a team that finished the year 12-6. And finally, I learned that when I go to Real Canadian Superstore I’d better “Shop Like A Mother,” whatever that means. Am I the only one who was sick and tired of those commercials by the time football had ended Sunday Night? If I don’t see another of those ads again it’ll be too soon!

I do believe it’s time for a new battery in the Lewismobile. The current battery has served me well over the years. I very seldom plug the darn thing in over the course of a winter and I’ve never had a day when it wouldn’t start, until yesterday.

I pushed the remote starter on my vehicle yesterday morning before heading into the shower to get ready to run some errands. When I went to have a peek out of the living room window I noticed it wasn’t running. Uh oh. So, I tried again and got the same result. I went out to manually start my vehicle and still had no luck. I told my wife I’d have to use her vehicle to run my errands before running downstairs to grab an extension cord. Wow. I couldn’t believe I actually had to plug my vehicle in. I was the only one on the block!

A few hours later I gave it another shot and the vehicle started with no problem. Now I had another worry. I’ve never had much luck remembering to unplug the cord before driving away from the house. Would this morning be a repeat performance of those embarrassing mornings driving to work with an extension cord hanging from my block heater?

I’m happy to say I actually unplugged the cord this morning before coming to work, thanks to my wife. It was she, who bellowed from the bedroom before I left the house, “Don’t forget to unplug your vehicle.”

Maybe when I’m out looking for a new battery this week I’ll “Shop Like A Mother.”

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