Regina Fire Department asking residents to stay off frozen bodies of water around the city

With snow and freezing temperatures now the normal in Regina, bodies of water in the city are beginning to freeze over. However Regina Fire Marshal Randy Ryba said the ice is not safe to be on  this time of year.

He mentioned an incident last week where there was a close call on the lake behind the Doug Wickenheiser Arena in northwest Regina.

“A lady went through the ice in the middle of the lake. Luckily there was somebody who saw her in peril and called 911, and we were able to rescue her,” he recalled. “It was a very, very close call for her,” Ryba said.

Ryba is asking people to not walk on the ice because it has not been cold long enough to have ice conditions considered safe enough to walk on.

The City of Regina does not recommend anyone walk on frozen bodies of water such as Wascana Lake or neighborhood lakes and ponds at any time.

Ryba said many bodies of water are aerated in the city, meaning the water is flowing continually.

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