Worker at Saskatoon gas station pleads guilty on charge of voyeurism

A 25 year old Saskatoon man who hid a cellphone in the ceiling of the gas station’s bathroom where he worked is pleading guilty to a charge of attempted voyeurism

Adrian Iqbal is getting a 15 month community jail sentence after the Crown and defence made a joint submission,

In September, a woman said her and her four children had stopped at the gas station to buy fuel and use the washroom. Iqbal had been seen entering the bathroom just before the kids–between the ages of 8 and 15–went inside.

The woman went to the washroom after the kids where she looked up and saw the phone lying face down through a cracked ceiling tile.

Surveillance video showed Iqbal enter and leave the bathroom again. He was arrested and released after his phone was searched. That search did not find any incriminating videos.

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