Legion says poppy boxes stolen during Remembrance Day ceremonies

A number of poppy boxes were stolen again this year in Regina.

Ron Hitchcock with the Regina Royal Canadian Legion says during a few of the Remembrance Day ceremonies in the Queen City, about 10 boxes were stolen. “That could be a significant amount of money which is going directly to the care and welfare of our veterans and we will be missing that. The amount is anywhere between $2,000-$4,000.”

“The worst case is when the Remembrance Day service is going on and they grab them and run,” says Hitchcock. “We have them taped to the tray, but it’s just a quick rip and there they go.”

He adds that next year they may have to look at alternate ways to collect money for the poppy fund. “I think it’s time to start getting people to use their smart-phones and their computers and donate online, then we wouldn’t have to worry about this kind of thing. Or we have to create an app for this where you go to the poppy tray and you scan a code, then $5 or $10 or whatever can be donated.”

The Legion is hoping the culprit will return the money adding it would be much appreciated.

Hitchcock says it is encouraging though to see people donating to the poppy fund, even as the veterans are picking up the trays around the city.

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