Fajardo throws at practice

For the first time since his oblique injury, quarterback Cody Fajardo threw at practice.

Most of the throwing was done on the sidelines instead of with the first-team offense. But throwing a football seems like a big step. And Fajardo said things felt fine after the workout.

“Pretty good. As good as I thought it would feel at this point,” Fajardo said.

“My plan has been, this whole time, was to come out on day one (Wednesday) and throw 10 to 15 yards and then progress as the week goes on.

“I’ve got to walk this fine line between getting myself ready for the game and not over-working it.”

Fajardo injured his obliques in practice ahead of the final regular season game. At the time he said the injury “felt like I got stabbed.”

Whatever healing has happened since then, Fajardo knows it won’t be fully healed for the West Final.

“It’s not going to be 100 per cent, that’s what I’ve got to know going into this game.”

Fajardo said he has done some throwing in the locker room. Wednesday was the first time he had done it in practice with the media present. He expects to be back on the field Thursday.

“I’m anxious and excited to see how I feel after throwing today,” said Fajardo. “Obviously I’m going to wake up a little sore. But as the day progresses get it loosened up, get it stretched out and get ready to go.”

Now that he is throwing, there’s only one thing really left to prove to himself.

“I’ve done full sprints and running and stuff. Everything’s been pretty good for me. The only thing I haven’t done yet is throw a deep pass down the field.”

Fajardo is familiar with playing at less than 100 per cent. He said he’s been dealing with various ailments for about 10 weeks. He says the big hurdle to overcome with playing hurt is mental.

“I just want to get to a point where I don’t think about it on every rep,” said Fajardo. “Obviously there’s going to be a few times where I think about it after the play or after the fact. But as long and it’s not hindering my ability to ready defenses and understand the play, then I think I’ll be okay.”

The Riders host the Bombers in the West Final Sunday at Mosaic Stadium.

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