Impasse declared by Saskatchewan Teachers Federation in contract talks

Saying they have seen no progress in key issues like class size/composition and salaries, the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation has declared an impasse in contract negotiations with the province.

In a statement issued Thursday morning, STF president Patrick Maze says “Teachers have told us addressing the significant and complex challenges in classrooms is as important as salary.“Not only is the recent class size and composition committee announced by the minister a deliberate attempt to undermine the collective bargaining process, the committee as proposed falls short in terms of structure, authority and accountability.”

The statement goes on to say the STF maintains that the issue of supports for classrooms must be addressed through provincial collective bargaining, as it is the only means to ensure public accountability and that they are requesting a conciliation board be established to reach a new deal that will be satisfactory for both.

Education Minister Gordon Wyant has said classroom size and composition is a separate issue and should not be discussed at the bargaining table.   He has set up a committee to look at the issue and come up with recommendations to be put in the next budget.  The STF was offered a position on that committee, but they turned the down the chance to have represenation.


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