MADD launches 32nd annual red ribbon project in Regina

The Mothers Against Drunk Driving Red Ribbon campaign began Thursday to promote sober driving throughout the holiday season.

People are encouraged to display their red ribbons on clothing or by tying it to vehicles or their bags, and even share it on social media.

COO for MADD Canada Dawn Regan said this campaign serves as a reminder to people who are partying during the holiday season.

“We want them to be smart about their decisions,” Regan said. “(If) you’re going to be drinking, maybe using cannabis, be smart, get a ride home, stay the night, do whatever you need to do to make sure you don’t drive impaired.”

Regan said up to four people are killed in a day due to drunk driving, which is something that needs to be noticed.

“The fact is that is wiping out a whole family, as what happened to the Van de Vorst family, and so we’re saying ‘think about the people around you,’” Regan said. “Think about your neighbours, your family and friends, those people are impacted by impaired driving, any one of us could be, and it’s not just statistics, it’s an actual person that could be affected.”

Police Chief Evan Bray said Regina still sees an issue with impaired driving.

“I think the importance of bringing it up now is just the fact that we are entering the holiday season, we know that there’s lots of parties, get-together’s and staff functions, families getting together,” Bray said. “Just the importance of recognizing there’s a lot of alternatives to get home without having to get behind the wheel after you’ve been drinking, that’s an important message and again, I’m very proud of the work MADD does to get that out.”

Red ribbons can be purchased at a number of participating businesses across Regina, including SLGA liquor stores.

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