NDP calls for Moe government to restore long-term care beds to Grenfell

The NDP is pushing the Sask Party government to restore long-term care beds to Grenfell, about 125 kilometers east of Regina.

Opposition critic Danielle Chartier said Grenfell has been without the Grenfell and District Pioneer Home for 15 months, and there is a great need for the facility.

The topic was brought up in discussion during Thursday’s question period at the legislature where Chartier asked for an update on the beds that were lost over a year ago.

She said they are eagerly awaiting to hear about the government’s plan after not getting too many details during question period.

“The loss of those beds to Grenfell have hurt the community, good jobs and most importantly [there is] a lack of long-term care in their community,” she stated on Thursday.

Chartier felt that Warren Kaeding, minister of rural and remote health, was not providing enough or the proper information to her questions about the state of this project.

She hopes an update will come sooner rather than later since families and workers are suffering while the situation drags on.

“I’ve spoken with families whose loved ones were impacted by the move and they’d argue that many of their loved ones’ health were compromised,” said Chartier. “It wasn’t good for their physical or mental health.”

Minister Kaeding said he was not made aware of any issues that the residents had with the quality of care they have received since relocating, adding that the government wants to make sure the quality of care is at a level of expectation for the residents.

The province is in the midst of proposals and bids for the project. The initial RFP phase saw only one respondent, which required the launch of a second invitation to the public.

Since the latest process has closed, Kaeding assumed there must be more than one bid this time. Those results will be released shortly.

“We really want to make sure we have the best value for the facility we’re hoping to provide for Grenfell,” explained the minister. “We’re getting closer to the finish line being able to provide an option for the community.”

Kaeding added that he has been in contact with elected officials from Grenfell to reassure that they are on track to establish a facility.

The Regina area has lost 194 long-term care beds since 2011.

(With files from Moises Canales)

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