(Jamie) Really? Walking Your Dog At 3 A.M.?

This morning on my way to work I saw a lady walking her small dog down Albert St., which I thought was a little odd. If your dog needs to take a tinkle at 3 in the morning, wouldn’t you just let it out in the backyard to do it’s business? Or, if you live in an apartment, maybe a quick trip out the front door?

A few blocks further down Albert St. I saw what appeared to be another lady walking her dog on a leash as well. I was wondering to myself, “What are the odds of two ladies taking their dogs for an early morning stroll within blocks of each other at this time of day?” As I got closer I realized the second lady wasn’t walking a dog at all. She was dragging a small duffel bag behind her with a long strap. Maybe her dog was inside the duffel bag. You know how some people pamper their pets!

Very seldom on my early morning drives into work do I notice totally deserted streets. There always seems to be someone out and about, regardless of the temperature, which this morning was rather nice.

It’s not only people. Many times I see cats and dogs roaming the streets.

At least the dog I saw this morning had a person attached to the other end of the leash!

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