Sask. Chamber of Commerce supports provincial government’s growth plan

The Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce is one of many groups applauding the provincial government’s newly released growth plan.

That plan, which is expected to be a centrepiece of the Saskatchewan Party platform when it comes to election time, calls for 100,000 new jobs to be created, increasing the population to 1.4 million and increasing exports over the next decade.

CEO Steve McLellan says this plan is something that his group certainly endorses because there is a clear dose of optimism in it.

“There are some very tangible targets for 2030 in terms of everything from potash sales to population numbers,” he stated. “It’s progressive and optimistic, but it’s certainly doable and we couldn’t be happier.”

While it’s a plan the chamber of commerce is supporting, McLellan added that the key to growth is that it should be steady and not streaky.

“The province has to grow at a manageable rate and at a rate in terms of exports that are strategic and sustainable.”

If there was something McLellan mentioned could have been in the report that wasn’t, it would be to have more of a focus on education.

 The chamber put out a similar plan earlier this year.  McLellan said he is glad to see the government use many things in that document in their growth plan.

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