Sask. Seniors Mechanism report brings attention to issues in the province

Rural transportation, housing and health care are big needs for seniors according to a new study from the Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism (SSM).

The Positive Aging in Saskatchewan report is compiled of two years of research, conversations and surveys with seniors in the province.

SSM President Randy Dove feels the government and public needs to know about these issues and help come up with some solutions.

Dove said older adults’ needs in the province have been taken for granted because they make significant contributions to volunteering, caregiving and many over 65 are still in the paid workforce.

“What we’re really wanted to do with this is start a conversation with the public and the government to encourage people to understand that this is a growing part of the population in the province.”

Dove hopes the government will consider following what other provinces have done to help improve the situation in Saskatchewan.

The provincial government has implemented a minister responsible for seniors, which is a good first step. But SSM would like to see the role structured like they have it in B.C.

“It’s a concept or structure that has its own resources and its mandate not tied exclusively to cabinet,” explained Dove. “It’s more tied to the Legislature and reports more to the Legislature like the Children’s Advocate here in Saskatchewan.”

The full report has been given to Minister Warren Kaeding and the opposition to keep the conversation alive and to motivate the parties for a solution.

You can view the full report here.

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