Regina Police pleased with tougher distracted driving fines

Upping the fines for distracted driving is a good move by the province according to Regina Police.

Distracted driving fines will be more than doubling on February 1st, from $280 to $580 for the first offence.

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Constable Mike Seel, who is well known for his Twitter account dedicated to distracted drivers in Regina, says the hefty fines should be a good deterrent for people. “Just to put their cell phones down realizing that they are not learning their lesson, so now we are increasing the fine. I think that will deter people from using their phones.”

Seel reminds drivers that distracted driving, yes is using your phone, but also anything else that takes your focus away from driving.

Chief Evan Bray says there is no need to be on your phone while behind the wheel. “There’s technology that prevents people from texting and driving, physically protects them from even being able to do that. those types of advances in technology and as we grow as a society is going to make a difference as well. A legislative change to me is always a step in the right direction.”

Bray says this hope is that targeting your wallets will help end the behavior.

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