Class size and composition committee ready to sit down; Wyant still wants representation from Sask teachers

An eight-member committee designed to discuss the class size and composition in Saskatchewan elementary and high schools is scheduled to sit down next week for its first meeting.

The committee will be chaired by Deputy Education Minister Rob Currie.

Of the eight, six are former teachers, but none are members of the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation.  Despite an invite by the government to have someone representing the STF on the committee, president Patrick Maze says they are declining the invitation as they feel this committee interferes with work being done to get teachers a new contract.

Education Minister Gord Wyant says the offer stands.

“We are very anxious to have the voice of current teachers on the committee.” Wyant said. “We would like Mr. Maze to insure we can have the STF voice.  This is an issue larger than the STF which is why we have a broad committee representing many interests. I have heard from some current teachers who would like to serve, but don’t want to for fear of retribution.  If the federation changes its mind, we will be glad to have someone representing them come in at any time during the committee’s work.

Wyant added the committee doesn’t have a lot of time to generate the information needed as he wants to implement recommendations in time for the 2020-21 school year in September.


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