(Jamie) This Morning I Was “That Driver” I Usually Blog About!

Yesterday morning, after grabbing all I would need for our live broadcast at Canadian Western Agribition, I drove away from the radio station and quickly became “that diver” that I blog about so often.

I was heading west on Sask. Drive, right by the post office, keeping an eye on the set of traffic lights down the road ahead of me that were red. Apparently, I was a little to preoccupied with that set of lights because I ran right through the set of red lights that were just ahead of me. Oops!

There were 2 vehicles behind me at the time and they probably thought the same thing I think every time I see someone blow a red light in the wee hours of the morning…that guy’s drunk! Nope, not drunk. Just an idiot! Fortunately, none of the vehicles behind me were cop cars.

This morning I will pay extra attention as I make my way from our studios to Evraz Place!

I’ll see you at Agribition, if I make it over there safely!

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