Premier Scott Moe to chair Council of the Federation meeting in Toronto

Premier Scott Moe will chair a meeting of the Premiers next week in Toronto to discuss territorial, provincial and federal relations.

The Council of the Federation meeting will begin Sunday and continue into Monday, where the Premier will address provincial jurisdiction on climate change policy.

Moe said there will also be a focus on equalization and fiscal stabilization.

“We still call for changes to the equalization formula, it is an inherently unfair program — not to all provinces, but to some provinces in this nation and it ‘s a program that does need to be reformed over the longer term.”

Moe said he’s hopeful the Premiers can all come together with an open mindset and have an open conversation.

“In light of the results we saw on election night, which is why this meeting is coming together in the first place, I look forward to the discussion that we’re going to have and I am hopeful, I’m truly hopeful, that we are going to come to consensus as Premiers across this nation on two or three items and provide that to our federal government as some direction.”

Moe said he looks forward to speaking with Quebec Premier Francois Legault, as both sides represent their provincial interests.

“They also have issues with the current legislation as it sits with Bill C-69 in Quebec,” Moe said. “As you know, Quebec has intervened on our carbon tax case as it heads to the Supreme Court of Canada.

“We’ll have good discussions with Premier Legault.”

Moe adds during his meeting with Prime Minister Trudeau, there was an understanding that the federal government would respect areas of consensus among Premiers, so this is a real opportunity to work together.

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