Regina woman forms group aimed at keeping needles off city streets

Patty Will has been picking needles up in Regina for years so that they don’t get into the hands of kids or workers at recycling facilities.

After an evening where she picked up over 400 needles, she knew she needed help.

Will has set up a group called “Queen City Patrol”  which is aimed at working collaboratively with White Pony Lodge who has been doing the same thing for years in north-central Regina.

She says as her group goes around that she comes away with the feeling that Regina is in desperate need of some things.

“We need more safe drop-off boxes in the city.” Will said.   “We also need a safe injection site.  Other cities throughout the world are doing it so why can’t Regina?  Why do we always have to be the last for everything.”

Queen City Patrol, which has picked up an estimated 800 to 900 needles, since starting last month found 89 during a sweep of the downtown area Monday night.

Anyone wanting to help Queen City Patrol or donate to them can go their Facebook page for more information.

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