(Jamie) Some People Aren’t Afraid Of A Minus 35 Windchill

Although my vehicle started with no problem this morning, during my drive in it felt like the vehicle wanted to get me to work as badly as I wanted to come to work. It’s almost like it was saying to me, “Hey, I really don’t feel like going anywhere this morning.” Hey pal, I know the feeling!

On my way I saw something I just hate seeing at this time of the year. As I was driving on 4th Avenue there was cat that bolted across the road in front of me. I understand that sometimes a cat can quickly scurry through an open door, but for goodness sakes, if you’ve got a pet, keep it inside in this weather. If I’d have been heading home instead of going to work I might have just scooped that thing up and taken it home so it had somewhere warm to hunker down until this cold weather lifts in a day or two. Hey, we already have an extra dog in the house this week, why not take on an extra cat?

This weather doesn’t even keep humans inside. I saw five people walking down 4th Avenue this morning. Two different groups of two people and a single person. They certainly didn’t look like they were dressed for this weather either. One person was wearing only a hoodie for warmth. I couldn’t believe it. A windchill of minus 35 and people still feel the need to go for a stroll. Who knows where they were going or what they were up to. I’m guessing they must have been on some kind of mission to brave these temps.

We haven’t even hit winter yet. It’s still officially fall until Dec. 21st. The good news? The forecast is calling for things to warm up a little by Thursday. C’mon Thursday!

How many sleeps until spring arrives?


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