The clock is ticking to get your Christmas Presents in the mail

It’s now crunch time to get Christmas presents in the mail.

Canada Post says this time of year there is typically a 30 to 35 percent increase in the amount of mail being delivered, with that going up more this year with Black Friday and Cyber Monday being so close to the holidays this year.

Operations Manager for the Regina office Bob Vibert said the cut off to get presents to your loved ones nationally with standard shipping was actually on Tuesday. “There is the option to use express post or priority services, and those can go into next week, but we certainly recommend the sooner the better. This is our peak season and the volume increases and increases.”

Vibert added if you are shipping packages regionally, you still have time for standard shipping. “Within Saskatchewan and into Alberta and Manitoba, there is still a little bit of time. People can go to and check the delivery standards. It is getting tight, but there is some time yet.”

Canada Post is adding more workers to ensure all the holiday mail gets delivered.

Vibert said locally they increased delivery forces by 24 employees to get through the peak season. “We have also extended our delivery. We are delivering on Sundays throughout December and if those packages and parcels keep coming we may have to look at Saturdays as well.”

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