(Jamie) Atta Boy Lewis…I’m Very Proud Of You!

I’m very proud of myself. My vehicle has been plugged in every morning this week and not once have I pulled up to work only to notice that I’d been dragging 6 feet of extension cord underneath my vehicle the entire trip. That’s 5 days in a row!!

Last year, for reasons I will probably never figure out, I failed to unplug the extension cord from my vehicle before leaving for work in the morning. Not once. Not twice. But, at least half a dozen times. Once is understandable. Two times, a guy can kind of explain away. However, when you do that 6 or 7 times, let’s just say you start looking and feeling like a bit of an idiot.

I always use two extension cords. I have a long one that is plugged into another cord that is about six feet long. That way, if I do forget to unplug my vehicle, I’m not ripping an extension cord from the socket on the house. The short one will break away and follow me into work. And, follow me it did. Many times.

More than a few times I’d get into work only to notice a six foot blue extension cord underneath my vehicle. Sometimes I’d be on my way to work and then suddenly say to myself, “Uh oh, guess what I forgot to do.” Then I’d have to pull over, unplug the cord from the front of my vehicle, and then toss it into the back seat. I would always look around to make sure no one saw me!

So, you can see why I’m so proud of my accomplishment this week. I haven’t once looked like an “extension cord idiot.”

Now, if I can only keep up my perfect record through the rest of winter.

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