Regina police investigating use of force in recent arrest

Regina police aren’t saying much about a video that has surfaced showing an arrest of a man earlier this month where excessive force may have been used.

The video shows a man being chased by three officers in the Washington Park neighbourhood of the city just before 2 AM last Friday.

It is not known what prompted the chase, but another video taken moments earlier shows the same man with an object in his hand crouching behind some cars as a police cruiser approaches with the chase beginning moments later.

It ends when three officers tackle the man in the front yard of a home. A fourth appears on the scene and appears to deliver several knees to the suspect who is being held.

The man is eventually taken away by ambulance.

Police confirm they are investigating as is the Public Complaints Commission but not a lot can be said because the investigation can be started.

Anytime there is concern expressed about the conduct or actions of an officer, Regina Police are obligated to inform the commission.. The video will also be looked at by the RPS use of force board and the Saskatchewan Police Commission.

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