Misheard song lyrics. Have you ever got the words wrong to a song?

Have you ever listened to a song and started singing out loud only to realize you’ve been singing the wrong lyrics to it or you’ve misheard a certain word and it totally changes the song completely? Sometimes the song turns out more fun when you add your own words!

There are two particular songs that stand out for me where I have misheard a word. The first goes back to around 1994 when “Jukebox Junkie” by Ken Mellons was released. I was 8 years old at the time and not familiar with what a jukebox was…but I knew was a juice box was! So I went around the house singing “I’m an old juice box junkie” until my Dad asked me what the hell I was singing! He told me the correct lyrics and then explained what a jukebox was. OHHHHHH was my response.

Another song that I didn’t quite get correct belongs to pop star Rihanna. “Please Don’t Stop the Music” is a great song when you know the words but to me, I thought it was “Hazel’s Got the Music.” Who the heck is Hazel and why does she have the music was my original thought. For nearly a year I hummed along to “Hazel’s Got the Music” until a friend said “ummm, it’s Please don’t stop the music.” OHHHHH was my response again!

So, if you’ve sang the wrong words to a song in your car or around home you’re certainly not alone. Welcome to the misheard lyrics club, friends! Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m going to grab a juice box from the refrigerator. I am a juice box junkie after all.


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