Warm temperatures could mean a brown Christmas in parts of southern Saskatchewan

Potentially record breaking temperatures are moving into southern Saskatchewan this weekend, which could mean a brown Christmas for some next week.

Environment Canada’s Terri Lang said the warm temperatures are a result of the jet stream shifting combined with Chinook winds.

“The jet stream is a delineator between cold air to the north and warm air to the south, so everything is shifting further north and east so that has put us into the milder air,” said Lang.

Regina could see a high of 5 C on Saturday while Moose Jaw could climb to 8 C, both mean the potential to break a record.

With not much snow cover, Lang said a brown Christmas is possible for many.

“Across southern Saskatchewan the snow cover is really quite thin, and if we get those milder temperatures it might sort of disappear all together, so we might be looking at a brown Christmas for some places across the south just because of that thin snow cover,” Lang said.

Lang warns with the potential for a freeze thaw cycle over the coming days means roads and sidewalks may have black ice on them.

“Some of that melted snow may cause some black ice conditions, and we always recommend before we come into a huge travel period when you’re getting in your car always check the Highway Hotline before heading out, and make sure you check the weather forecast of your destination because it could be a lot different than where your currently at,” Lang said.

More season temperatures around -8 C are expected for Regina by the time Christmas arrives.

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