Tips to make travelling easier this holiday: YQR International Airport

If you are going somewhere hot or travelling to visit family this holiday season, the airport is handing out a few travel tips.

Regina Airport Authority President and CEO James Bogusz said YQR can get very busy, so it’s best to arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes before your scheduled flight. “This will get you plenty of time to either find parking, check-in your bags and of course go through the security line prior to having any stress about having long wait times.”

“It’s very busy here in the morning,” Bogusz added. “During peak travel days it can be exceptionally busy with longer than usual wait times.”

He said you should also keep an eye out on your flight status before leaving the house. “With inclement weather this time of year, even if it looks like the weather is really good here in Regina, sometimes in the bigger airports like Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary, if they get walloped with weather, your flight may be delayed or even cancelled as a result of what’s going on in those other airports.”

Many airlines will have services to email or text you real time status updates and adds that the airport will also have them posted on the YQR website.

Bogusz added many people will be bringing presents to their loved ones this time of year, but if you are putting them in your carry-on you shouldn’t wrap them. “The screeners to have to unwrap them at times, where as if it’s in your checked bag it is very unlikely that it will have to be unwrapped by those behind the security line.”

He said you should always check what you can and can’t take in a carry-on, as well as how much of an item you are allowed. Click here for a full carry-on item list.

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