SGI preaching patience on the roads during the holiday travel season

SGI reminds drivers to stay patient while travelling this week and over the holiday season.

Traffic is expected to increase on highways, streets and roads throughout the next few days as people do last-minute holiday shopping as well as visiting with family and friends.

SGI spokesperson Tyler McMurchy said it’s important for drivers to keep in mind the holidays are a busy time for everyone.

“The roads are going to be busier, and people should take that into account when they’re making their travel plans,” McMurchy said. “Of course it’s winter in Saskatchewan, and conditions can change very quickly, so always a great idea to tune in to the radio and listen to the forecast, check the highway hotline before you leave so you know what kind of conditions you’re going to be dealing with.”

McMurchy said patience is key during this time of year.

“Parking lots are going to be busy, streets are going to be busy, but I think if you could just take the spirit of the holidays into your heart as you’re out driving, and understand that it can be a stressful time out there, but just have a little bit of patience for your fellow road users,” McMurchy said. “Everybody is going to get to that store, get those last-minute gifts, and those last-minute purchases.

“You’ll get there in due time.”

McMurchy said when travelling, it’s important to set the GPS before hitting the road.

“We’re just over a month away from fines increasing significantly for distracted driving in Saskatchewan,” McMurchy said. “That’s going to happen on February 1st, and that’s right around the time you’ll be dealing with all of those Christmas credit card bills, so you don’t want to get a very expensive ticket at that time either.”

You can expect to see an increase in police presence over the weekend and next few days, as McMurchy adds they will be ensuring no one is driving impaired during the holidays.

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