Regina Bypass ready for whatever comes their way during the winter season

Regina Bypass road maintenance crews are ready for whatever mother nature has in store for weather.

The Bypass has their own maintenance facility where crews mix sand and salt, as well as repair vehicles and attachments.

Operations Manager Kevin Faul said they are well equipped for any kind of road maintenance throughout the year.

“We have nine plow trucks, a couple of tractors, couple of loaders, one big (snow) blower, and some blades to go on all of that stuff to keep it all clean.”

Some of the fleet available for the Regina Bypass crews to use to keep the road clear

Faul said they would like the public and the plow operators to both get home safely each day.

“Staying back from vehicles, from our snow plows, paying attention, being patient, when there’s snow and you got swirling snow all that kind of stuff, and then these times you got the possibility of icy conditions,” Faul said. “Just be patient, take your time.”

Faul said including overpasses, ramps, and service roads, the bypass has 450 lane kilometres.

“That would stretch all, the way here from Emerald Park all the way close to Winnipeg, Portage la Prairie, somewhere in there, if you took a single lane,” Faul said. “450 lane kilometres is quite a distance.”

Faul adds there is always staff on hand, including over the holidays and over night in order to ensure the roads are safe.

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