2019 was very unique for farming according to Agriculture Minister David Marit

Agriculture minister David Marit is calling 2019 a very unique year for farming.

In a year end interview, Marit said he has never seen such unpredictable weather in his farming career.

“I can say it’s probably one of those years that we’ve never experienced before, I know in my 45 plus years of farming I’ve never seen one like this,” Marit said. “Obviously it’s not over there is still some crop out there so it’s been a very challenging year right from the get-go with spring as dry as it was, and then the opposite later on with the rains coming,” said Marit.

Marit also said farmers have 2-million acres of crop yet to harvest.

However, he points out the province had the second largest production on record.

Marit remains optimistic 2020 will be a better year for markets, prices, and weather.

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