(Jamie) These Holiday Greetings Have Got Me Baffled

Right now we’re in that weird “in between” time where you don’t really know whether or not to still wish someone a Merry Christmas, although that day has wrapped up, or a Happy New Year, although that particular date is still a couple of days away.

Saturday I ran into a friend I haven’t seen in a while and I wished him a Merry Christmas. After we chatted for a while we parted wishing each other a Happy New Year. Yesterday when I wrapped up paying for some groceries I wished the casher a Happy New Year. I guess wishing someone a Merry Christmas is still acceptable, considering we’re still in the Christmas season, although it still seemed a little odd to me.

Then, after January 1st, how long do we go on wishing each other a Happy New Year? The new year starts on Wednesday. Do we still say Happy New Year until the end of the weekend? Is it okay to use that greeting the following week? Can I wish someone a Happy New Year before it officially rolls in at midnight on the 31st? It’s all so confusing.

How about “Happy Holidays” for the time in between Christmas and New Year? That should do the trick.

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