(Jamie) If Elected, I Promise…

A guy sure could get used to these holiday work hours. Last week was terrific. I had a two day work week followed by five days off. This week ‘ll have to slave away for 3 days before enjoying a three day weekend. If I decide to run for mayor in the next civic election I already know what my platform will be. “Short work weeks for everyone!” How could I lose? Wouldn’t you vote for a guy who wanted to cut down the number of hours you worked every week? I know I would.

I hope everyone has a wonderful night planned to bring in a new decade tonight. This night is always a quiet one for my wife and I. I can’t remember the last time we went out on New Year’s Eve. We have friends that always seem to drop by through the day, but no one ever stays late. Everybody wants to get home at a decent time. Besides, it’s never easy getting a cab, unless you don’t mind waiting a couple of hours.

After the countdown for the new year is done, my wife and I, along with many of our great listeners, will be counting down the days until our Flea Trip to Varadero, Cuba, which leaves on Feb. 2. All I know is that I have a few five day work weeks to put in before that happens. Blah.

Here’s hoping January flies by as quickly as December did!

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