New Year’s Eve means Regina Police will be out in full force

Many will be out celebrating the end of one decade and the start of another on Tuesday night as it is New Year’s Eve.

With that being the case, Regina Police want to remind you that while you are out having fun, they will be out making sure everyone is behaving and that everything is under control.

Sergeant Mark Verbeek says you can expect to see some police cruisers on the street as you are going to and from wherever you are spending New Year’s Eve if going out.

“We bring in extra officers to run stop-checks looking specifically for impaired driving.” Verbeek said. “We also have our full complement of regular officers out on patrol making service calls if necessary and looking for impaired drivers or those guilty of other offences.”

Verbeek says with many options available like designated driver services, ride-sharing or free transit that one should have no reason to even attempt getting behind the wheel when you have had too much and risking your life and the lives of others.





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